Raspberry Ketones to lose weight. New to miracle product?

Ketones Raspberry buy are an aromatic compound that is extracted and used in perfumes and cosmetics, but also used as a flavoring agent in some foods flavored fruit . Apparently now being considered as a semi-magical aid to weight loss. But does it work?

In recent studies, one group of mice were given buy raspberry ketones to see if avoiding weight gain when fed diets rich in fat . Apparently, the anti-obesity effects are due to stimulation of lipolysis (which is how the body breaks down fat in fat cells called adipocytes) both in normal tissue and in brown adipose tissue . Also suppresses the release of pancreatic lipase, a digestive enzyme required to decompose dietary fats, so they can be absorbed through the wall of the small intestine.

However, this research was conducted in mice. We are humans, not rodents. We have different physiology and different emotional reasons for eating (or not eating) fat and other foods. So just because the mice did not gain weight while raspberry ketone given not mean it will work the same way in humans. To see if the buy raspberry ketones can function in humans requires a more complete clinical research on humans.

If you’re wondering if it hurt to drink a raspberry ketones supplements, the answer is probably not. Will it help you lose weight? Surely, either. Chances are that waste time and money. Buy Raspberry ketones 

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